Railway Gk Questions Pdf - 1


1. Headquarters of which one among the following Railway Zones in India is situated at the highest elevation from the mean sea level? --> South Western Railway

2. Which state has the longest route kilometers of railway line in India? --> Uttar Pradesh

3. Into how many zones is the Indian Railways organized? --> 17

4. The first Indian railway line was opened by the British --> From Bombay to Thane

5. When was the first train steamed off in India? --> 1853

6.  Which of the following is the headquarters of the newly established railway zone ‘East Coast Railways’? --> Bhubaneswar

7. Which train in India has the longest route length? --> Kanyakumari - Dibrugarh Vivek Express

8. On which of the following is the longest railway bridge in India located? --> Vembanad Lake

9. In which of the following cities are located 3 zonal headquarters of Indian Railways? --> Kolkata

10. Who of the following is known for having designed the first railway timetables? --> George Bradshaw

11. Which of the following is the largest railway junction in India? --> Mathura
12. Over which of the following rivers is the world's highest railway bridge in Kashmir being constructed? --> Chenab

13. In which city is the Indian Railway Institute of Financial Management (IRIFM) being set up as announced in the Railway Budget 2013? --> Secunderabad

14. administers the Matheran Hill Railway? --> Central Railways

15. The Maitree Express connects India with which of the following countries? --> Bangladesh

16. What is the rank of India in the world in terms of length of railroad network? --> Fourth

17. Gorakhpur which has the longest railway platform in the world is located in which of the following states? --> Uttar Pradesh

18. What is the width of broad guage railway line in India? --> 5 feet 6 inches

19. Fairy Queen, the world's oldest steam locomotive in regular operation, plies between New Delhi and --> Alwar

20. Shatabdi Express trains were introduced in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of which of the following personalities? --> Jawaharlal Nehru

21. Who was the Governor General of India when Railways were first introduced in India? --> Lord Dalhousie

22. In which city is the Wheel and Axle Plant of the Indian Railways located? --> Bangalore

23. Where is Railway Staff College situated ? --> Baroda

24. Which year is declared as "Year of Rail Users" by the Indian Railways --> 1995

25. Which is the First Electric Train in India ? --> Deccan Queen (Kalyan - Pune)

26. What is the width of Broad gauge rail ? --> 1.676

27. When did Life Line Express (Jeevan Rekha) Started ? --> 1991

28. which is  the longest train route in India? --> Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express

29. first indian double-decker train coach factory situated? --> Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala

30. Where is the Museum of Indian Railway situated? --> Chanakyapuri (New Delhi)

31. What is the slogan of Indian Railway ? --> lifeline of the nation

32. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel ? --> Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel (Banihal railway tunnel)

33. Which is the Longest Railway platform in the World ? --> Gorakhpur station platform (UP)

34. Which is the train running between India and Bangladesh ? --> Maitree Express

35. Which are the states have no Railway ? --> Meghalaya and Sikkim (building new railway lines)

36. Which is the Worlds oldest working steam locomotive engine (train) ? --> Fairy Queen runs in India

37. Which is the longest Railway bridge in India ? --> Vallarpadam Bridge (kerala)

38. Which is the highest railway station in India ? --> Ghum railway station

39. Who is the first lady Railway minister of India ? --> Mamta Benergy

40. Who is the first railway minister in India ? --> John Matthai

41. Who is the first Indian to present Railway Budget  ? --> John Mathai

42. What is the width of Narrow gauge rail ? --> 0.762

43. Where is the Headquarters of Konkan railway ? --> Bilapur

44. Which is the fastest train in India ? --> Shatabdi Express

45. In which year Indian Railway board established ? --> 1905

46. Which is the first Railway station in India ? --> Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria terminal)

47. chitharanjan locomotive works --> West Bengal (chitharanjan)

48. Integral Coach Factory (ICF) --> Chennai (Perumbur)

49. Rail Coach Factory (RCF) --> Kapurthala

50. Rail wheel factory --> Yelahanka (Bangalore)

51. Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works --> Patiala (Punjab)

52. Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) --> Varanasi

53. Double Decker Rail Coach Factory --> Kapurthala

54. First underground railway (Metro Railway) started in which year?  --> 1984

55. Shatabdi Express train introduced in --> 1988

56. At which of the following place Diesel Component Works is established ? --> Patiala

57. _______Zone is the largest in Indian Railways ? --> Eastern Railway

58. The railway station situated in the extreme south is --> Kanyakumari

59. First Indian train was started ? --> From Mumbai to Thane

60. Where is the Research, Design and Standard Organisation situated? --> Lucknow

61. Railway Staff College is situated at --> Vadodara

62. In which year Research, Design and Standard organization was established? --> 1957

63. Indian Railways Nationalised in which year ? --> 1950

64. A platform surrounded by rail lines from all the four sides, is called --> island platform

65. The headquarters of Central Railway situated at? --> Mumbai (V.T)

66. When was the Jammu City appeared on the map of Indian Railway? --> 1965

67. Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated? --> Bangalore

68. The first locomotive which was manufactured in Chittaranjan on --> November 1950

69. The largest national enterprise of India is --> Indian Railway

70. Rajasthan is under which of the following railway zones? --> Western region

71. The Central Railway established in which year ? --> 5th Nov 1951

72. In Which year Palace on Wheels Train Inaugurated? --> 1982

73. Besides Mahrashtra, Karnataka and Goa, which of the following is the fourth State for Konakan Railway Project? --> Kerala

74. Indian Railways which is the largest of the Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in how many regions? --> 9

75. The passenger bogies of the Indian Railways are manufactured at which of the following places? --> Perambur

76. In Which year The manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped ? --> 1971

77. Diesel Locomotive Works is situated at --> Varanasi

78. How many institutions do give suggestions for railways technology? --> 2

79. First Train Started in India ? --> 1853

80. A station where the rail lines end, is called --> terminal station

81. What is the position of the Indian Railway in the world according to the length of rail lines? --> 4th

82. The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at --> Gorakhpur

83. Headquarters of North -Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR) is located at  --> Maligaon (Guwahati)

84. General Manger is responsible for --> Railway Board

85. The headquarters of South-Central Railways is situated at --> Secundrabad

86. North-Eastern frontier Railway (NEFR) established in which year ? --> 15th Jan, 1958

87. The length of North-Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR)? --> 3700 Km

88. In the begining First Train of India Travelled ? --> 34 km

89. In which Governor-General’s reign railway lines in India were established? --> Lord Dalhousie

90. the extreme north of India a railway station is ? --> Jammutavi

91. What is the position of the Indian Railway under the zonal system? --> 2nd

92. Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Institute situated? --> Pune

93. Metro Railway is functioning in which of the following Indian States? --> West Bengal

94. Who invented the railway engine? --> George Stephenson
95. The headquarters of South Railways is situated at --> Chennai

96. The headquarters of Northern Railway is at --> New Delhi

97. In which institution the training of electric work is being given? --> Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering

98. Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Insttitue situated? --> Jamalpur

99. The zone with the minimum length is --> North-Eastern Frontier Railway

100. Total number of Railway Training Institutions in India? --> 5

101. Which of the gauges is used in the hilly areas? --> Narrow gauge

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