Awards & Honors GK (PDF-1)

Awards & Honors GK (PDF-1)

1. To whom was 'Bharat Ratna' awarded in 1999? --> Amartya Sen

2. 'Global 500' awards are given for the outstanding achievement in which of the following fields? --> Protection of environment

3. Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhavana Award? --> Mother Teresa

4. Who among the following is not a recipient of 'Dada Saheb Phalke' Award? --> Ramanand Sagar

5. The UNSECO's 'Prix Jules Verne' prize has been given to which of the following serials of Doordarshan? --> Turning Point

6. Arjuna Award is given for --> Outstanding performance in sports

7. The Nobel peace prize is awarded in which city? --> OSLO

8. Which has instituted an award for an outstanding parliamentarian? --> G. B. Pant Memorial Society

9. The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred was conferred upon Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution to which of the following fields? --> Government Service

10. Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with --> Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

11. In which year was Pulitzer Prize established? --> 1917

12. B. C. Roy Award is given in the field of --> Medicine

13. Which awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi? --> Magsaysay

14. Which films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1987? --> The Last Emperor

15. Kalinga Award was instituted by --> UNESCO for exceptional contribution of efforts to popularise science

16. Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of --> Rajiv Gandhi

17. Who among the following got the 'Bharat Ratna' award, before becoming the President of India? --> Dr. Zakir Hussain

18. The first recipient of Nehru Award was --> U Thant

19. The highest civilian award of India 'Bharat Ratna' has been awarded to only two foreigners so far. One of them is Nelson Mandela. The other is --> Abdul Ghaffar khan

20. Sharad Joshi Samman is awarded for --> Satire and essay

21. Which state Government of India has instituted the Samman Award? --> Madhya Pradesh

22. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi's 'Khel Ratna' award is --> Vishwanathan Anand

23. The first Indian to receive Noble Prize in Literature was --> Rabindranath Tagore

24. Who is the first Asian Winner of Nobel Prize? --> Rabindranath Tagore

25. Which state gives Mewar Award? --> Rajasthan

26. Which is the highest gallantry award in India? --> Param Vir Chakra

27. The first black American to win the Nobel Prize for literature is --> Toni Morrison

28. Who is a winner of the Indira Gandhi Award for National integration? --> Aruna Asaf Ali

29. The only Indian to win the Nobel prize in physics is --> Dr. C. V. Raman

30. On whom did the U. S. President George W. Bush bestow, in 2002, the U.S.'s highest award for life time achievement in the field of scientific research? --> Arun Netravalli

31. Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of? --> Madhya Pradesh

32. The first Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony has been given to --> Yasser Arafat

33. The Arjuna Awards were instituted in the year --> 1961

34. Who has received a Nobel Prize in literature 1953? --> Winston Churchill

35. Saraswathi Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to --> literature

36. Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of --> Literature and Journalism

37. On whose name is the highest award for services to the development of cinema given? --> Dada Saheb

38. Which awards was conferred upon Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali for her role in the welfare of adult and women? --> Moorti Devi Award

39. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given by which of the following organisations? --> Council for Scientific and industrial research

40. Shanthi Swaroop Bhatnagar awards are given for --> outstanding contribution to science

41. The journalist who refused to accept 'Padma Bhushan' was? --> Khushwant Singh

42. The 'Cannes Award' is given for excellence in which field? --> Films

43. The Nobel Prize was first awarded in --> 1901

44. Ashoka Chakra is awarded for --> the most conspicuous bravery or self sacrifice on land, air or sea but not in the presence of the enemy

45. Contribution to which field is honoured by Dadasaheb Phalke Award ? --> Films

46. Which award is given in the field of Science & Technology ? --> Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize

47. For outstanding contribution to which one of the following’ fields is Abel Prize given? --> Mathematics

48. for Excellence in Public Administration, Academics and  --> The Lal Bahadur Shastri National award

49. Which award is an initiative in India to recognize the best practices in e-Content and Creativity ? --> The Manthan Award

50. Contribution to which field is honoured by the Arjuna award ? --> Sports

51. First Indian Oscar winner --> Bhanu Athaiya, for best costume design for the film 'Gandhi' in 1982

52. First Indian Olympic team medal --> gold for Hockey, at Amsterdam beating the Netherlands in 1928

53. First Indian woman to win a Pulizer Prize --> Jhumpa Lahiri in 2000

54. First Indian to win an Oscar in the technical category is --> Resul Pookutty

55. First Indian to win Nobel Prize in Literature --> Rabindranath Tagore

56. First woman to win the Jnanpith award --> Asha Purna Devi 1976 for her work Pratham Pratisruti in Bengali

57. First woman to receive Bharat Ratna --> Indira Gandhi in 1971

58. Winner of first Indian Olympic Individual medal --> K. D. Jadhav, Bronze in wrestling at Helsinki in 1952

59. First Indian Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film --> Mother India, 1957

60. First Indian to win Dadasaheb Phalke Award --> Devika Rani in 1970

61. First Indian to win booker Prize --> Arundhati roy in 1997 for 'The God of Small Things'

62. First Indian to win two Oscar Awards is --> A. R. Rahman

63. First Indians to win Bharat Ratna --> Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, C. Rajagopalachari, Dr. C. V. Raman in 1954

64. First recipient of Jnanpith award --> G Sankara Kurup, for Odakkuzhal (Flute) in Malayalam

65. First women from India to win a Nobel prize --> Mother Teresa, peace prize in 1979

66. Noble Prize --> Noble Prize are for Contributions to society

67. Pulitzer Prize --> Pulitzer awards are for Literacy achievement

68. Gallantry Awards --> Param Vir Chakra (PVC), Ashok Chakra, Shaurya Chakra   These awards are given for appreciating the brave and gallant

69. Manthan Award -->  It is an initiative in India to recognize the best practices in e-Content and Creativity

70. FiFi Awards --> The FiFi Awards  honor the fragrance industry’s creative achievements

71. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award --> Lal Bahadur Shastri National Awar is for Excellence in Public Administration, Academics and Management

72. Green Star Awards --> The Green Star Awards recognize those who have made extraordinary efforts to respond to environmental disasters around the world

73. Bharat Ratna --> It  is India’s highest civilian award, awarded for the highest degrees of national service

74. Padma Awards --> Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma ShriPadma awards are for exceptional and distinguished service in any field including service rendered by Government servants

75. The Golden Peacock Awards --> It is recognised worldwide as the hallmark of corporate excellence. It builds the Brand Equity and inspires and aligns the entire workforce

76. Arjun Awards --> Arjuna Award is given for Excellence in sports

77. International Gandhi Peace Prize --> This award is given to individuals and institutions for their contributions towards social, economic and political revolution through non-violence and Gandhian philosophy. The award carries Rs. 10 million in cash

78. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna --> The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is India’s highest honour given for achievement in sports

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